Melbourne is packed with great Italian restaurants. In our blog, we have provided you with some great information about Italian dining and function booking in Melbourne.


We have covered many topics regarding great Italian restaurants in Melbourne. Our articles include:

  • Upscale Fine Italian Dining in Melbourne
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We have provided you with great information regarding fine Italian dining and booking functions in the Melbourne district. We hope you find this information useful when deciding to experience one of Melbourne’s great fine dining Italian restaurants. We have also included examples of menus from some of the restaurants. We have identified some great Italian desserts you can enjoy to complete your meal.

How COVID-19 is Affecting the Hospitality Industry

With the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic happening, the hospitality sector are having to make considerable changes to their way of doing business. Currently, you may find many fine dining Italian restaurants closed for some time as mandated by the Australian government. Many restaurants are also alternatively providing take-out, delivery and DIY dinner packages. COVID-19 does not affect the ability of the excellent Italian chefs in Melbourne to produce great-tasting menu items. It is merely a different way of doing business. Best practice and extreme cleaning measures are being used at Melbourne’s Italian fine dining restaurants for the safety of the public and staff.